Unicorn Embroidered - ASTM F3502 Mask Reusable 3-ply

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Unicorn Embroidered - ASTM F3502 Mask Reusable 3-plyUnicorn Embroidered - ASTM F3502 Mask Reusable 3-plyUnicorn Embroidered - ASTM F3502 Mask Reusable 3-plyUnicorn Embroidered - ASTM F3502 Mask Reusable 3-ply

Unicorn Embroidered - ASTM F3502 Mask Reusable 3-ply


Three size options available.

  • Free shipping on orders over $50 (US only).

  • 2 Free sets of Nanofiber Filters

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Fashionable Eco Black Face Mask with White Unicorn Embroidery (Unisex). 
Exterior Fabric: 100% Black Tencel made exclusively in Austria using eco-friendly processes throughout cultivation, harvest, and production. Tencel is a sustainable fabric derived from pulped eucalyptus trees grown without pesticides or high water consumption.
Interior Fabric: 100% Certified Organic Cotton, high thread-count, soft & breathable.

  • Meets ASTM F3502-21 Standard.

  • No foggy glasses when fitted properly.

  • Reusable & hand-washable mask. Approx 25 washes. Simply remove the filters before washing. 

  • Contour fit reducing gaps for maximum protection.

  • Comfortable extra wide chin wrap (plant-based dye).

  • Flexible non-rust metal embedded noseband.

  • Fully adjustable ear loops for a perfect fit.

  • Ships from Los Angeles, CA.

  • Most masks have 4 Adult size options for a perfect fit: (Small: 45-75 Lbs), (Medium: 75-130 Lbs), (Large: 130-190 Lbs), (X-Large: 190+ Lbs)

*This mask is not a respirator and therefore not intended for use in medical procedures.

  • 2 FREE sets (2 right & 2 left) of replaceable Filters included with each mask. Both sides of filter are the same.

  • Each mask filter contains an excess of 15 miles of nanofiber matrix (thousands of times smaller than a human hair) in an area less than 1mm thick! Filters need to be changed every time you go to wash your mask, recommended weekly. If they are not changed there's a risk of bacterial infection or reduced mask breathability. We always recommend that you replace filters immediately after air travel, attending a high-risk event, or any time you feel exposed.

  • Note:  our non-woven polymers are made sustainably at low temperatures in New Zealand, and are non-toxic and inert. We do NOT use antibacterial additives, graphene, carbon, activated charcoal, heavy metals, or woven nano particles such as copper, silver or zinc common in many surgical and filtered cloth masks under any circumstances. Our 15 miles of nanofiber matrix is sandwiched between two layers (one on each side) of polypropylene, so there is no chance of fiber shedding or breathing in fine nano particles. Our materials were designed for kids, seniors and those with respiratory conditions and chemical sensitivities. 

  • These filters are designed specifically for the Unicorn Mask and we do not recommend inserting them into different mask brands as it will drastically reduce the efficiency rating.

  • Featuring proprietary New Zealand SETA® electrospun nanotechnology

  • 99% Efficiency blocking particles at 0.1 microns (Coronavirus ≈ 0.125 microns)

  • Reduced gaps when fitted properly

  • Designed for essential workers, suitable for all-day wear

  • Designed in Milan, Italy (35+ year fashion veteran)

  • Hand-sewn in Ubud, Bali (not mass-produced in China!)

Unicorn Breathing Mask certifications.

"As a biomedical engineer scientist with focused research on nanotechnology for regenerative and translational medicine, I endorse the use of nanotechnology utilized by Unicorn Breathing Mask, specifically with the use of electrospinning nanofiber polymers to filter out particulates down to the 0.1 um dimension. This is crucial when providing effective filters for a breathable face mask as a barrier towards viruses like that of the coronavirus. This mask is capable of protecting one from viral particulates exposure due to its robust electrospun nanofiber innovation and recommended 3-ply construction."

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Be prepared with replacement filters. 

2 Sets of Nanofiber Filters (appx. 400hrs of Filtration)
Based on 49 reviews
Mask Review

The mask is vey comfortable. I am happy with it.

Sport mask

No more foggy glasses! Very easy to wear and breath. Love it. Next version needs a flexible lcd panel and AI software to show a mouth moving to my speech! (for under $100)...

Best mask by far

Love this mask. The filter inserts are brilliant. XL fits my enormous schnoz with no problem. Only mask I have tried that keeps my glasses from fogging.

Expensive but well the money

High quality product that comes with two filters
My glasses don’t fog up and my ears are comfortable
This is a great product

LOVE these masks- safe and comfortable for back to school

Since the vaccine for kids will be a while coming, we wanted a really safe mask for our kids to go back to school. This one fits so well. I love that the filters fit ALL of the mask. I love that they have tested the filters to ensure they are effective. And I love that they are made with organic and non-toxic fabrics. My kids love that the mask is really comfortable, and stays off their face so it is easy to breath and talk through. We got adult size M for my 11 and 13 yr old and they fit great!

Love these masks for back to school and sports!!!

We are so happy with these masks. My boys 11 and 13 are back to school for the first time in a year, and we wanted something that felt really safe. I love that the filters fit ALL of the mask. And that the filters are tested to be effective. What my kids love is that they fit comfortably and they don't have to fuss to keep them in place. They stay put, and are easy to breath and talk through. LOVE LOVE LOVE. We got adult size medium and they fit great.

The Best!

Best mask I’ve come across BY FAR! And NOT MADE IN CHINA!

Unicorn Life - ASTM F3502 Mask Reusable 3-ply
A Happy Teacher! :)

Thank you so much for the great mask and rainbow "love" pin!! To be honest, it is the first mask I have ever worn that wasn't one of those disposable kind. It is so comfortable and doesn't feel suffocating like the other ones do. Also, I love the adjustable straps for behind the ears as well. I am a teacher and when I am in school I have to wear the mask most of the day so I really will appreciate its comfort then. We are out this week and learning remotely because of a spike in Covid but will be returning next week (fingers crossed). Your thoughtfulness is really appreciated.

Great for working out

Masks are required in my gym. Looks great on, easy to breathe, takes care of any extra moisture, can sweat heavily without a problem, great interior fabric, feels healthy.

Cute mask

My 5 year old loves this mask. It makes him happy. I like that it has the same protection filters as the adult mask. I bought two so one can always be available while the other is being washed and air dried.

Well made

Many things I like about this mask but what stands out most is how well made it is, good job.

Unicorn Life - ASTM F3502 Mask Reusable 3-ply
Love it for Real Estate

Being in real estate I needed to find a professional looking mask that I could perform Open Houses in and also be able to communicate clearly. The mask doesn’t touch my mouth and gives me plenty of room to breathe and speak easily. I also love that the cotton fabric doesn’t get wet when I talk. This is a great mask and I bought one for my entire team with their custom embroidery option. I also appreciated the wholesale prices. Hard to believe you can get a mask of this quality for such a great price! Way to go!

Amazing fit!

Fits secure around my face with no caving in. I’ve been through many masks and Unicorn is the best. I can breathe with comfort and thrilled about protection. Magnifique

Back 2 School

Unicorn kids masks have been invaluable for concerned parents like myself and my husband. I have yet to come across better protection and such a well-fitted mask. It is comfortable for the kids to wear and super easy for them to breathe through. I can actually hear them talk and understand what they’re saying unlike the hundreds of other masks I’ve tried. This mask company is the one to beat. PS. Do you make a mask for dogs? I’ve heard they can catch covid and would be nice to have in congested areas. Bill, Teri & the kiddos, A happy family from TX

Unicorn Life - ASTM F3502 Mask Reusable 3-ply
Thank you Unicorn and Kimberly Sky

As a nurse this mask meets all the requirements and gives me a little added fashion to bring happiness to my day. I love the flower of life motif and it is just subtle enough to be there with a silver sparkle sheen, but still very professional. The most comfortable mask I’ve ever put on by far and away. I feel very safe in this mask and the test results prove it. Thank you Kimberly.

Great mask

I read a lot of these reviews before I ordered and glad I did. They’re all spot on! I’m more than happy with the purchase. Thx.

Great for sports

I play for a college sports team and this is my go-to mask. It’s highly breathable and comfortable. The mesh fabric is moisture wicking. Thanks.

Best Mask

I have a 7 year old daughter who wears this mask daily, it’s very well constructed and I’m happy it has replaceable filters. I feel safe she’s wearing this I’ve looked everywhere for a high-quality kids mask that protects. Thank you.


Fits great on the face..Breathing is much easier.Love the way it sits away from the mouth so I don't sound muffled when I speak.Ordered another one because this is what I've been looking for.

Goddess mask!

It’s so hard to find a feminine, sexy mask that actually does the job of protecting you. I haven’t found one yet until I stumbled upon Unicorn. I wore this to a wedding, a night out at an outdoor gathering and for valentine’s day. It was ideal and I felt so beautiful in it. Thank you for caring! Please make it in a white color!


My 4 year old LOVES his new Unicorn Mask! The colors go with everything and he smiles every time he sees it. Any other mask I would try to get him to wear he would flat out reject, but for some reason, he loves this one. Great job on the fabric style, and especially providing the certified organic designation. Kids feel the difference. We are back to school and I feel at ease knowing he’ll be ok.

Perfect V-day mask

I took advantage of the Self-Love Month offer and received the most amazing crystal LOVE brooch in the mail that I wear all the time. It was soooo sweet and the perfect gift I could have given myself. Thank you Unicorn! I get compliments everywhere I go with this mask and am busy spreading the word for you. I love that it is women-owned.

Terrific mask!

This mask is fantastic! It looks great and I love the custom fit nose and the chin guard. Definitely better than any other mask I’ve seen’

Bought another mask for a friend

Loved this mask so much I bought one for a friend. I am hoping my friend buys one for someone. Pay it forward and spread the word, this is a great mask!!

Thumbs up!

We appreciate the light weight of the masks, and they are comfortable to wear. They seal well around the face, without leaving gaps. We are able to customize the size / tightness of the masks with the adjustable ear loops. We appreciate the nice finish and like the embroidered unicorn and heart that we chose for our masks. I would love to have an adult mask with the black and white fabric of the child's mask with stars. or something a bit more fun for off hours. Very satisfied!

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