Unicorn Flower of Life - ASTM F3502 Mask Reusable 3-ply

Each mask includes 2 filter sets (48 hrs / $6 value!)

Unicorn Flower of Life - ASTM F3502 Mask Reusable 3-ply

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Unicorn Flower of Life - ASTM F3502 Mask Reusable 3-plyUnicorn Flower of Life - ASTM F3502 Mask Reusable 3-plyUnicorn Flower of Life - ASTM F3502 Mask Reusable 3-plyUnicorn Flower of Life - ASTM F3502 Mask Reusable 3-plyUnicorn Flower of Life - ASTM F3502 Mask Reusable 3-ply

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  • Each mask includes 2 filter sets (48 hrs / $6 value!)

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Fashionable Eco White Face Mask (Unisex). 
Exterior Fabric: 100% White Tencel with quartz crystal embedded eco-friendly flower of life print. Made exclusively in Austria using eco-friendly processes throughout cultivation, harvest, and production. Our Tencel is a sustainable fabric derived from pulped eucalyptus trees grown without pesticides or high water consumption.
Interior Fabric: 100% Certified Organic Cotton, high thread-count, soft & breathable.
  • Meets ASTM F3502-21 Standard.

  • No foggy glasses when fitted properly.

  • Reusable & hand-washable mask. 25 washes minimum. Simply remove the filters before washing. 

  • Sleek contour fit for maximum protection and style, wrapping around entire facial structure, greatly reducing gaps/leakage.

  • Soft and comfortable extra-wide spandex chin wrap securely covers the jawline, providing a breathable leakage-free seal. Great for beards! 

  • Sewn-in soft & bendable extra wide non-rust metal noseband, eliminating foggy glasses and allowing for a secure seal.

  • Fully adjustable soft cotton ear loops to ease or tighten mask for a perfect glove-like fit.

  • High thread count pure 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton (undyed/natural), ideal for sensitive skin and long term mask wearing.

  • Reinforced center stitch prevents cave-in while breathing/talking, and allows for plenty of room inside the mask for ease of use. 

  • Soft cotton band wraps comfortably around ears, preventing painful chafing and skin irritation behind ears.

  • Deep nanofilter pockets ensure filters remain securely in place underneath the fabric folds and do not come in contact with skin.

  • Ships from Los Angeles, CA.

Care & Usage

Please hand-wash mask prior to using it for the first time. Each mask comes with 2 single use filter sets (2 right & 2 left) totaling 48 hours of use (24 hours per set). Filters do not come pre-installed. Filters cannot get wet, be washed, or be reused. Reusing filters causes reduced filter efficiency, loss of mask breathability and can cause bacterial infections if they are overused. This is the case for any mask filter or meltblown/surgical mask on the market! We always recommend that you wash your mask and replace filters immediately after air travel, attending a high-risk event, or any time you feel exposed. For filter instruction click here.

"We are using them in return to work kits. I love them. I like the piece that goes over your chin. They are very comfortable for all day use also."

Faith Proctor 

Director, Administration & Infrastructure

American Federation of Teachers

Unicorn Mask as seen on major news and publication media.

*This mask is not a respirator and therefore not intended for use in medical procedures.

Filter Protection

  • Includes 2 sets (2 right & 2 left) of Nanotechnology Filters with each mask.

  • Each mask filter contains an excess of 15 miles of nanofiber matrix (thousands of times smaller than a human hair) in an area less than 1mm thick! They are invisible to the naked eye and can protect with 99% efficiency all the way down to nano aerosols as small as 0.1 microns.

  • Filters need to be changed every time you go to wash your mask, or within approximately 8 hours of consistent indoor use with poor ventilation, due to the more contagious Delta and emerging variants. Filters cannot get wet, or be reused. Reusing filters causes reduced filter efficiency, loss of mask breathability and can cause bacterial infections if they are overused. This is the case for any mask filter or meltblown/surgical mask on the market! We always recommend that you replace filters immediately after air travel, attending a high-risk event, or any time you feel exposed.

  • Note:  our non-woven polymers are made sustainably at low temperatures in New Zealand, and are non-toxic and inert. We do NOT use antibacterial additives, graphene, carbon, activated charcoal, heavy metals, or woven nano particles such as copper, silver or zinc common in many surgical and filtered cloth masks under any circumstances. Our 15 miles of nanofiber matrix is sandwiched between two layers (one on each side) of polypropylene, so there is no chance of fiber shedding or breathing in fine nano particles. Our materials were designed for kids, seniors and those with respiratory conditions and chemical sensitivities. 

  • These filters are designed specifically for the Unicorn Mask and we do not recommend inserting them into different mask brands as it will drastically reduce the efficiency rating.

Comfortable and Gives Confidence

I received my order of masks and I am extremely happy with the quality. The packaging was very well done and the fit of the mask is perfect. No air leakage at all upon breathing and the nose adjuster is also a very nice material. It's a softer material that can be shaped perfectly to the bridge of your nose. The 0.1 micron rating with the changeable filters and perfect fit makes me feel much more comfortable when I go out in these troubled times. The provided documentation (for cleaning/etc.) is very well done and appreciated. Thank you so much for your detailed efforts and keep up the great work.

Sean S.


We have found that sizing works best using weight, but we offer a sizing chart below with measurements. If you are right on the cusp, we recommend going the next size up. If you purchase a mask and it doesn't fit we will be happy to offer you a discount on your next purchase. Simply reach out to us via Live Chat.

  • Small: 45-75 Lbs, 20-34 Kg

  • Medium: 75-130 Lbs, 34-59 Kg

  • Large: 130-190 Lbs, 59-86 Kg

  • X-Large: 190+ Lbs, 86+ Kg

Unicorn Mask Sizing Chart.

Finally!!! A phenomenal in ALL ways, Mask!!!

I just received my UNICORN masks and am so impressed with the quality, the fit, the absolute classic style that stands out from ANY other mask I have seen thus far...not to mention, I can actually BREATHE!!! Since COVID appeared, I have been wearing several types of "protective" masks. I have a respiratory condition therefore, it's imperative that I am diligent in my efforts. Honestly, I have struggled to breathe properly with ALL of the masks I have tried; literally gasping at times for adequate air intake resorting to having to periodically "lift" the masks in order to take a deep breath which is unsafe. From the moment I tried on my Unicorn mask, I immediately felt normal in my breathing intake. In addition, the soft, smooth, organic inner cotton just feels safe and comfortable against my skin. The overall feel of the mask is of quality...just the right thickness and contour. My sunglasses do not fog at all! I just couldn't be happier and am telling everyone about these masks. THANK YOU Unicorn!!! Your care and obvious dedication to the safety and comfort of all, is apparent. Blessings and Appreciation! S. Light, Co.

S. L.


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*Due to COVID and other natural occurrences, some carriers may delay shipping to your specific location. Please check your tracking code for updates.

Another Happy Repeat Customer from Canada :)

"This is my fifth time ordering from Unicorn and every time they deliver. I live in Canada and was so impressed with their turnaround. They literally ship out the masks same day and I've never had a problem with shipping. I can purchase bulk masks direct from their site now which is a major plus. You can't beat the bulk discounts. I highly recommend this company to anyone considering ordering from outside the US. Their day/night Customer Service team is also highly knowledgeable and helpful. Any time I have a question/concern they are there to provide an immediate answer. Rare! Thank you Ms. Sky and Team Unicorn. You're awesome!"

Robert R.

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Be prepared with replacement filters. 

6 Sets (144 hours) of Replacement Electrospun Nanotechnology Filters
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Organic Hemp

Great mask! Fits tightly, but not too tight. The bendable nose band is a plus as well as the fabric under the chin. The mask does not ride up into your eyes. Highly recommend!

Good for teachers

I am a teacher and feel safe and comfortable with the beautiful stylish masks.

Great Masks

Great fit, well made.

Chin Security!

I like both masks I ordered from Unicorn, especially the thick nose wire and the chin piece. I will say the filters are a little tricky to insert but it gets easier with practice. I would order the red floral pattern in adult if offered, please?

My Mask Bonnie

I love your masks. They are very comfortable and stay in place . You can breathe with this mask. The nose piece is great!!
This is the 2nd mask I have bought from you.

Fits well

Very custom, comfortable fit!

Great mask!

This mask is super soft and seems to be really breathable. The fit is really good and comfortable. Unlike most other masks, this one doesn't make my glasses fog. The filters are great. If you read their instructions they are not too hard to get in.

Excellent mask that is very comfortable to wear. I will buy them again.

Love this mask!!

I love this mask and so does my daughter! Going back to school this year has been stressful, but these masks definitely help relieve a little bit of the worry. They fit wonderfully - snug fit over the nose and chin, they don’t slide down like a few other masks we’ve tried, and they are super comfortable. My daughter doesn’t mind wearing these for the 6 hours she’s at school. We will be ordering more.

Fantastic mask

This mask is the best one that I have worn. The fit is snug and the nose piece is perfect.

Happy Camper

The previous mask I wore caused my breathing allergies to flare-up and after wearing it even for a short time it caused me to have problems breathing for days after I removed the mask. I guess it was from the polypropylene and the filters used in this mask. I dreaded having to wear it. I knew I needed to find a more human and climate friendly mask. I thoroughly researched masks online for days, I was getting very disappointed with what I found until I hit on the Unicorn Breathing mask. I had many questions that I needed answered before I made my decision to purchase this mask. I emailed the company numerous times over a period of a few days. They responded quickly and patiently to all of my concerns and questions. I am a night owl and I was surprised when I emailed them at 1:30 am and they got back to me in a few hours I guess they were working around the clock. My mask and pack of extra filters came quickly with easy to understand directions. I love my new mask with its organic hemp material I have no more breathing problems. It is very light. When I first got it I was amazed how well it worked to filter out toxic odors. My first excursion wearing the mask I went to the Auto body shop to pick up my car. I decided to take my mask off after I was driving for about 5 minutes only to put it right back on because the car smelled heavily from the chemicals and auto body parts used to repair the car. Amazingly the mask had filtered out all odors obviously I put the mask right back on. Thank you Unicorn for being a forward thinking people and planet environmentally conscious company. You can't see, but I am smiling under my mask. Happy to have found you.

Too cool for school?

All my kids are physically back to school for the first time in 17 months this month. It was nerve wracking to send them back given one cannot possibly know how other families act outside of school. A huge concern for me was also the fact that 1) all my kids are under 12 yo. 2) would they wear a mask all day 3) delta. One thing I did for over 3 months is read up on mask technology. I can tell you now I am a huge fan of these Unicorn breathing masks as they are comfortable, not so thick that it gets stuffy and likely lead the kids to take off the masks (even on school buses where other kids take those liberties). The one other factor I wanted to shoot for was a mask that sits snugly, feels comfortable and does not look like a diaper. Once I did more research I came across these and suffice to say, my kids and I are happy with the fit and pleased all around. And as one of my boys said, it's kind of cool for school right? Dab!

Comfortable and sturdy

I've finally found a mask my daughter says "I forgot it was there" when wearing it for over 3 hours the first time. It fits snugly, she can adjust it so it does not fog her glasses. Excellent customer service. We are very happy with our Unicorn Breathing Mask.

Great fit

Best mask I've worn. Fits perfectly, is breathable and first mask I've bought that doesn't fog my glasses.

Outstanding Mask!

I needed a new go-to mask, as well as wanting one with an ASTM F3502 rating, and I found both with this mask! This is one of the most comfortable, well fitting masks I've ever warn and I feel extra safe wearing it for its ASTM rating. The hand wash only is a little bit of a hassle, but it's well worth it. I cannot recommend this mask enough!

Comfortable and effective for teaching

This mask has proven to be a great tool in the classroom. I am in our school building 7 AM - 6 PM most days, so an effective and safe to breathe through mask that I can wear for hours is important. The Unicorn masks are lightweight and comfortable and don't fog my glasses. I did have to do some major adjusting of the nose wire, I would recommend you play with the mask at home to get the wire just where you need it before you head to work, but then these are great!! For those debating between a medium and a large, I bought both, and actually both work fine. The large is definitely larger, especially in the under the chin area, but I can wear them both. I'm going to try the Hemp next. Thank you making this product! (P.S: my students think it is cool my mask says Unicorn!)

Love this mask

I love this mask. It has heft, the nose guard seems very strong, and it is easy to breathe in. The filters were easy to put in, and it does a good job of minimally fogging my glasses. No complaints whatsoever

Finally the perfect mask!

Our family loves our Unicorn masks! They check all the boxes- quality fabric that doesn’t irritate the skin, snug fit, easy to breathe, and no fogging of glasses. The stretchy chin fabric is genius. They are also well-made, sturdy and look nice- kudos to the design and sewing teams! Most importantly, though, we feel well-protected in public spaces, without having to rely on throat-irritating KN95 masks. Thank you, Unicorn! Your customer service has been outstanding! And I’d love to see a black hemp one added to your collection. ;)

My search for the perfect mask is over!

Honestly, I never write reviews but this time I’ve been so happy with the product and the customer service that I felt I had to share my experience. My young girls have been wearing the Unicorn Breathing masks for about two weeks now to school and dance, so between 6-8 hours a day. After the first week they both proclaimed them to be “the BEST masks they have ever tried!” And I will add we have tried a LOT of masks in my never ending search for comfort, fit, breathability and most of all protection. My search for the perfect mask is finally over! These are well made, quality masks with a shape designed to keep it away from your mouth and nose allowing you to breathe and talk freely without sucking in the material. The chin wrap is ingenious and I love how easy they are to adjust to the right fit around your face and then that’s it! You can put your hands down and not have to touch it again. These masks actually stay put! Even my Kindergartener comes out at the end of the school day with her mask perfectly in place and both girls can enjoy their dance classes without constantly having to adjust their masks. Sometimes when we are in the car I have to remind them that they can take their masks off. They forget they even have them on, that’s how comfortable they are. The filters take a little practice at first to place correctly in the masks but they stay flat and in place and are completely covered by the soft inner layer of the masks unlike others we have tried that tend to bunch up and come out. I honestly can’t say enough about how happy we are with the Unicorn Breathing masks. I just placed another order and am telling all my family and friends about them!


Comfortable to wear and great customer service

It’s worth the price!

Seriously, THE most comfortable mask I have…..and I have about 30! I honestly love it!!


Needed a mask to wear to the gym that wouldn't keep falling in my mouth or falling down. This mask is genuinely a solid pick! No complaints at all so far.


Very well designed and made. Comfortable to wear and provides excellent coverage .

Best fit ever!

I really like everything about the mask. I especially like how it fits perfectly over most noses. We’ve got a few different ones in our household! No fogging my glasses either.
I’ll be ordering more filters soon!


This Natural Linen mask was my second purchase, the first was the Tencel mask. The Tencel mask is a great mask for people with no breathing problems but the Linen mask is great for those of us with lung problems!
I had a pulmonary embolism in 2014 that damaged my lungs making breathing difficult. As a result I couldn't find a mask for my life that worked for me AND felt protective until Ms. Sky suggested this Linen mask. The mask is very well made, feels secure, and actually makes me feel safe going out in public. I love this mask!
I am so grateful to Ms. Sky for taking the time to reach out to me and let me know about the breathabilty of this mask! She is a very open honest caring person who wholeheartedly wants to help people, very special woman right there - you could say Ms. Sky is a unicorn as she is one in a million!

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