Kids ASTM F3502 Masks (Ages 2-7)

45-75lbs will be our Adult Small Masks

Unicorn Kids Mask 100% Certified Organic Black Tencel Plant-dyed - ASTM F3502 Mask Reusable 3-ply

Limited Edition Plant-dyed!

Includes 2 Filter Sets!

Unicorn Kids Mask 100% Certified Organic Indigo Blue Tencel Plant-dyed - ASTM F3502 Mask Reusable 3-ply

Limited Edition Plant-dyed!

Includes 2 Filter Sets!

Unicorn Mask Organic Hemp (White) ASTM F3502 Kids Face Mask

Popular Organic

Includes 2 Filter Sets!

Organic Hemp (Blue) ASTM F3502 Kids Face Mask - Unicorn Mask

Popular Organic

Includes 2 Filter Sets!

Unicorn Tencel Kids Face Mask Black - ASTM F3502 Kids Mask


Includes 2 Filter Sets!

ASTM F3502 Face Mask Level 2 Kids Mask - Unity Stars

Best Seller!

Includes 2 Filter Sets!

Based on 166 reviews
A breath of fresh air - literally!

I have bought Unicorn masks for a handful of loved ones and I have recommended your masks to all that I know. Your masks stand above and beyond the others. We love our masks, they are great quality and fit. We feel confident and comfortable.Thank you very much for your very thoughtful and protective masks! It’s a breath of fresh air literally! Just make sure to check the sizing tab for best fit.

These things are great!

A friend recommended these masks to me, and I'm so glad she did! They are super comfortable, easier to breathe in, and come in various sizes. Adjustable straps making them a breeze to adjust. While pricey compared to others, it's well worth the price. You do get what you pay for on these!

Great mask

Quality mask, great fit. Feel really comfortable wearing it knowing all the layers of protection are in place and fit is great. Have four right now. Had compliments about the mask when wearing it. Super customer service. Order was shipped the same day, within a few hours of placing the order.

Excellent Protection

We have purchased a total of 10 of these masks in different colors for work and school. We are very pleased with the comfort and performance of these masks as well as the fast shipping and the company’s transparency about materials, standards, and testing. We are happy to support an ethical company that is providing an important public service. Thank you, Unicorn!

My Favorite Masks!!

Unicorn masks have been my favorites since I discovered them. Have quite a collection now. The sport masks are the most comfortable for me, and all of them wash nicely by hand. Getting the filters back into them is NOT my favorite task, but I feel it's worth it to be protected, and able to wear one all day. I didn't tolerate lots of previous brands very well for extended wearing. My only question is how they compare to the N95s that are currently being suggested for the highest protection. Have tried to read your protection information, but can't make out much of it because it's too small on my phone. Finally, I do recommend these highly for comfort, the very best nose wire, and breathability.

So nice I had to buy twice!

I love this mask so much. My fave. I dropped it somewhere one night and was really bummed so I ordered a new one.

It’s beautiful and the material really sparkles!

The fit is fantastic and I feel so safe wearing it. The transparency on the website for the filter testing brings peace of mind. I highly recommend. I get compliments all the time when I wear this mask.

Best kids mask!!!

My son wouldn't ever try any other mask but the unicorn adjusts well and isn't oversized. My son stopped fighting his unicorn after the first 3 minutes.

Best mask, hands down

The nose-bridge wire is thick enough to stay the way you want it. The under-chin fabric makes a great seal and for once, my glasses don't fog when I am inside (cold weather makes it impossible outside regardless of mask type for my small frames), The mask is comfortable, soft against the skin, and pretty on the outside. I am giving these to friends for small Christmas gifts.

Great fit

I purchased my Unicorn masks based on their high level of protection from virus-containing aerosols. I am very happy with my masks - great fit and work very well in the gym. This is the best fitting mask I've ever used.

I now have 6

I started with two masks, and then I lost one. I was legit devastated because they fit so well. I work in the service industry, and I also work with elders, so I need to make sure I'm never putting the elders at risk. That is how I have ended up with 6 masks. Love them and don't want to be without one in reach.

Rx ya do everyone should own 2 of these. Colors excellent.

I feel much safer with my filtered mask.

Great masks

These are great masks. I bought one for my mom and this is the 4th one I bought for myself. The most comfortable mask I have ever worn!

Best Mask!

Easy to breathe and coverage is exceptional. I would say if you are close to the top of the weight range, order the next size up. i am 126 and needed a large.

The only masks my kids will wear all day

My family loves these masks. They are so breathable and comfortable and doesn't feel like you're suffocating in them. Also the only ones we've tried (and we've tried a lot) that don't suck into your mouth or nose when you breathe.

We previously had the vista print ones but once I purchased these my kids don't want any others. I purchased a few of these for each of us so that we can have them in rotation and I'm not washing like a mad woman every day.

My kids and I are able to keep them on at school all day, and even when playing sports my kids choose to wear them even when they're allowed to remove their masks.

I highly recommend. You can tell that the owners of this company care about the well being and comfort of their customers. Hands down the best masks on the market.

As a parent and educator, I feel safe and comfortable knowing that these filters are legit and the company makes the reports of the filters on their site for customers' info and transparency.

Beautiful, comfortable and effective

I get lots of compliments on my Unicorn masks and I feel safer when I have to go out in the world.

Great mask!

Just purchased my second one. Great mask! Comfortable and fit great. Holds up well to washing too. There is still plenty of life left in the first one I purchased back in the summer. Filters fit well although they can be a little tricky to place into mask. The F3502 rating is what sold me on giving these a try. No disappointment whatsoever.

Best mask

Our whole family has a unicorn mask. Our 9 year old daughter has three and wears one every day at school. Hands down the best mask we’ve found, even before considering the F3502 rating. We have tried lots of masks, including another brand rated for F3502. Don’t wast your time if you’re looking for this rating. You won’t be disappointed with this one.

Best mask ever

This is a comfortable and excellent mask. I like that it has filters and that it cuts low below the eyes so glasses do not fog.

Most comfortable mask I have worn!

With the filters inserted, I am confident I am protected as well as comfortable. The customer service was very helpful when I had a minor problem with one of the masks I purchased. Thank you.

Great fit, great product

Excellent quality. Nice fit. Looks cool.

ICU approved.

Excellent quality. Holds up well. Fits well and is comfortable.
Definitely a mask to purchase and can use daily.

Great Product

I love the mask. It's sturdy and my eyeglasses don't fog from my breath. The filters are easy to insert and remove.

Fits like it was custom-made

My new mask fits like it was made for me! It follows the contours of my face, from across my nose to my ears and under my chin. Very comfortable.