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Best Kids Mask on the market

As a very concerned parent with a child who has an autoimmune disorder, I've been tied up in knots with the decision to return back to school in the Fall. A dear friend pointed me to Unicorn and I was able to breathe a big sigh of relief for the first time in over a year. I just received the masks today and was BLOWN AWAY. My 7 year old was able to wear a mask for the first time without having difficulty breathing and it really did fit like a glove as promised. I couldn't be more grateful. The best part? It's not slipping down from the nose or caving in when talking. The fabric design hides dirt and spills. The chin wrap is brilliant. Thank you.

My life depends on it

Being immunocompromised, I need a mask that works. Seriously.

I am so happy with my masks

They are well made, comfortable, I feel safe in them and design wise quite beautiful. I purchased a hemp mask for me and a linen one for my daughter. These are our new go-to (forever) masks. I even wore it when I did exercise. Of course, the most important part is that the masks are ASTM F3502!! What a relief to have this level of protection. And I had an unusual and wonderful customer service experience. I needed to ask a few questions and fortunately, the founder of the company was answering calls for an employee who was out for the day. Well….what an amazing talk that was. Sky is extremely knowledgeable and gave me quite an education. We spoke for 35 minutes!! She is totally passionate and committed to helping people stay safe as well as educate them. And she is a lovely person… so much fun to talk to as well. How lucky was I to connect with her and her great masks.
Thank you, Sky, Roni

Sport mask is the best!!

Throughout this era of masks and face coverings I have tried many. The Unicorn sport mask is now the only one that I will wear. I found it the most comfortable. Its easier to keep my glasses from fogging, and I feel that it is easier to breath.
Thanks Kimberly

Comfortable mask

I use this mask when I go running. It’s comfortable and breathable. The fabric is soft on my face. It doesn’t make me feel like I’m inhaling mask fibers like the disposable masks feel.

Another Happy Repeat Customer from Canada :)

This is my fifth time ordering from Unicorn and every time they deliver. I live in Canada and was so impressed with their turnaround. They literally ship out the masks same day and I've never had a problem with shipping. I can purchase bulk masks direct from their site now which is a major plus. You can't beat the bulk discounts. I highly recommend this company to anyone considering ordering from outside the US. Their day/night Customer Service team is also highly knowledgeable and helpful. Any time I have a question/concern they are there to provide an immediate answer. Rare! Thank you Ms. Sky and Team Unicorn. You're awesome!

Best Fitting

Great fit; actually keeps my glasses from fogging up, and slips under the chin nicely.

Comfortable and Gives Confidence

I received my order of masks and I am extremely happy with the quality.
The packaging was very well done and the fit of the mask is perfect. No air leakage at all upon breathing and the nose adjuster is also a very nice material. It's a softer material that can be shaped perfectly to the bridge of your nose.
The 0.1 micron rating with the changable filters and perfect fit makes me feel much more comforable when I go out in these troubled times.
The provided documentation (for cleaning/etc.) is very well done and appreciated.

Thank you so much for your detailed efforts and keep up the great work.

love these masks

I have a large farm in the Central CA region and my workers need something cooling they can easily breathe through. I got these unicorn embroidered masks for all the ladies in the linen per the recommendation of the service team. They love them. Now the guys want to take them! Kimberly or 'Sky' as they call her is the sweetest lady and really cares. She is passionate about what she does in using organic, safe materials. I don't know why everyone in the world doesn't own one of her masks.

Bulk mask purchase - A+!

I just made a bulk purchase for my employees and am THRILLED at the level of service! I received my masks AHEAD of schedule at an INCREDIBLE price thanks to their economy reopening sale. What I witness is a woman-owned company (thankfully) that truly cares. They most definitely practice what they preach in every facet of what they do, including their exceptional Live Customer Service Team. My employees are grateful that we provided them with such healthy, comfortable and breathable masks. Thank you Ms. Sky and Team Unicorn. As previous reviews have stated, ABOVE & BEYOND.

Mask Review

The mask is vey comfortable. I am happy with it.

Sport mask

No more foggy glasses! Very easy to wear and breath. Love it. Next version needs a flexible lcd panel and AI software to show a mouth moving to my speech! (for under $100)...

Best mask by far

Love this mask. The filter inserts are brilliant. XL fits my enormous schnoz with no problem. Only mask I have tried that keeps my glasses from fogging.

Expensive but well the money

High quality product that comes with two filters
My glasses don’t fog up and my ears are comfortable
This is a great product

LOVE these masks- safe and comfortable for back to school

Since the vaccine for kids will be a while coming, we wanted a really safe mask for our kids to go back to school. This one fits so well. I love that the filters fit ALL of the mask. I love that they have tested the filters to ensure they are effective. And I love that they are made with organic and non-toxic fabrics. My kids love that the mask is really comfortable, and stays off their face so it is easy to breath and talk through. We got adult size M for my 11 and 13 yr old and they fit great!

Love these masks for back to school and sports!!!

We are so happy with these masks. My boys 11 and 13 are back to school for the first time in a year, and we wanted something that felt really safe. I love that the filters fit ALL of the mask. And that the filters are tested to be effective. What my kids love is that they fit comfortably and they don't have to fuss to keep them in place. They stay put, and are easy to breath and talk through. LOVE LOVE LOVE. We got adult size medium and they fit great.

The Best!

Best mask I’ve come across BY FAR! And NOT MADE IN CHINA!

Unicorn Life - ASTM F3502 Mask Reusable 3-ply
Amy S.
A Happy Teacher! :)

Thank you so much for the great mask and rainbow "love" pin!! To be honest, it is the first mask I have ever worn that wasn't one of those disposable kind. It is so comfortable and doesn't feel suffocating like the other ones do. Also, I love the adjustable straps for behind the ears as well. I am a teacher and when I am in school I have to wear the mask most of the day so I really will appreciate its comfort then. We are out this week and learning remotely because of a spike in Covid but will be returning next week (fingers crossed). Your thoughtfulness is really appreciated.

Great for working out

Masks are required in my gym. Looks great on, easy to breathe, takes care of any extra moisture, can sweat heavily without a problem, great interior fabric, feels healthy.

Cute mask

My 5 year old loves this mask. It makes him happy. I like that it has the same protection filters as the adult mask. I bought two so one can always be available while the other is being washed and air dried.

Well made

Many things I like about this mask but what stands out most is how well made it is, good job.

Unicorn Life - ASTM F3502 Mask Reusable 3-ply
Linda J.
Love it for Real Estate

Being in real estate I needed to find a professional looking mask that I could perform Open Houses in and also be able to communicate clearly. The mask doesn’t touch my mouth and gives me plenty of room to breathe and speak easily. I also love that the cotton fabric doesn’t get wet when I talk. This is a great mask and I bought one for my entire team with their custom embroidery option. I also appreciated the wholesale prices. Hard to believe you can get a mask of this quality for such a great price! Way to go!

Amazing fit!

Fits secure around my face with no caving in. I’ve been through many masks and Unicorn is the best. I can breathe with comfort and thrilled about protection. Magnifique

Back 2 School

Unicorn kids masks have been invaluable for concerned parents like myself and my husband. I have yet to come across better protection and such a well-fitted mask. It is comfortable for the kids to wear and super easy for them to breathe through. I can actually hear them talk and understand what they’re saying unlike the hundreds of other masks I’ve tried. This mask company is the one to beat. PS. Do you make a mask for dogs? I’ve heard they can catch covid and would be nice to have in congested areas. Bill, Teri & the kiddos, A happy family from TX

Unicorn Life - ASTM F3502 Mask Reusable 3-ply
Mrs. T.
Thank you Unicorn and Kimberly Sky

As a nurse this mask meets all the requirements and gives me a little added fashion to bring happiness to my day. I love the flower of life motif and it is just subtle enough to be there with a silver sparkle sheen, but still very professional. The most comfortable mask I’ve ever put on by far and away. I feel very safe in this mask and the test results prove it. Thank you Kimberly.