Frequently Asked Questions

  • What size mask should I order?
    Adult sizes are determined by weight: (Medium: 75-130 Lbs), (Large: 130-190 Lbs), (X-Large: 190+ Lbs). 

    Kids sizes are determined by age: (Small: Ages 3-6), (Medium: Ages 6-9).

  • How do I clean my mask?
    Please be sure to hand-wash your mask before wearing for the first time. Use a natural liquid detergent in warm/hot water. You can also add a small amount of activated oils such as tea-tree, eucalyptus or lavender oil to disinfect the fabric. Fill a container with warm/hot water, add soap/oil, submerge mask and agitate by hand, rubbing with a light brush or rough cloth to remove stubborn stains or smells. Note: some bleeding may occur from the plant-based dye on the perimeter band. Once the mask is cleaned to satisfaction, rinse, pat lightly to remove water, and lay flat on a clean surface or shape properly and hang dry in the sun/breeze. Do not machine wash or dry as this may distort the shape or clog the mask fibers with dirt, impurities and minerals in the water, causing it to be less effective over time. NEVER submerge the filters in water or attempt to clean! Once mask is completely dry, insert the filters one on each side and you’re ready to go! We always suggest purchasing at least two masks in order to have a fresh mask readily available, especially if you are an essential worker.

  • Do the filters need to be inserted into the mask to achieve the 99% efficiency rating?
    Yes! The filters are what makes our mask a true protection mask and give it its high rating.

  • How long do filters last?
    Each set of filters last approximately 200 hours depending on use and environment. We always recommend that you replace filters after air travel, attending high-risk events, or any time you feel exposure.

  • How long do masks last?
    Each mask lasts approximately 6 months dependent upon use and care. 

  • Why doesn’t this mask have an exhale valve?
    Due to the superior and efficient nanofilter technology and outstanding breathability, our masks do not require an exhale valve. Please consider exercising in masks at your own risk. We do have professional athletes who use our mask but do not assume any liability for any injuries that can occur. Note that some cities have banned valve masks due to exhaled air passing unfiltered, taking potential coronavirus droplets with it.

  • Do you offer Returns, Exchanges, or Refunds?
    Please click here for information.