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Best mask

Our whole family has a unicorn mask. Our 9 year old daughter has three and wears one every day at school. Hands down the best mask we’ve found, even before considering the F3502 rating. We have tried lots of masks, including another brand rated for F3502. Don’t wast your time if you’re looking for this rating. You won’t be disappointed with this one.

Best mask ever

This is a comfortable and excellent mask. I like that it has filters and that it cuts low below the eyes so glasses do not fog.

Most comfortable mask I have worn!

With the filters inserted, I am confident I am protected as well as comfortable. The customer service was very helpful when I had a minor problem with one of the masks I purchased. Thank you.

Great fit, great product

Excellent quality. Nice fit. Looks cool.

ICU approved.

Excellent quality. Holds up well. Fits well and is comfortable.
Definitely a mask to purchase and can use daily.

Great Product

I love the mask. It's sturdy and my eyeglasses don't fog from my breath. The filters are easy to insert and remove.

Fits like it was custom-made

My new mask fits like it was made for me! It follows the contours of my face, from across my nose to my ears and under my chin. Very comfortable.

Magical unicorns

Excellent mask, very comfortable, easy to wear for 12 hours at a time.
I actually clean mine using a steamer that works very well. Sky is wonderful to work with on all orders.
ICU staff loves these.

Comfortable and Assurance

These masks are very comfortable and their high quality also make me feel assured that I'm protected while out in public.

Lovely mask

Beautifully made, comfortable to wear, good protection!

This fits a big nose

Don't laugh. I've been having a hard time finding a mask that fits my big nose. Think Romanesque nose. (Look it up if you have to.) My big Romanesque nose is not a wide flat nose. It's different. The problem I've had is other masks leave a sizable gap below my eyes so I'm breathing into my eyeballs. (Stop laughing!) Even those aftermarket aluminum strips to help shape the mask didn't work. They have no real strength to hold tight. It's been really frustrating this past Covid year-and-a half. HOWEVER - THIS MASK FITS!!!! Aside from the size being good, the metal bar is just strong enough to hold it's shape. I'm not breathing though my eyes any longer. I'd like to see the bar a bit stronger, but this is just good enough. As for the filter ratings, I have to take that on faith. Still, I'm breathing THROUGH the mask now, not around it.

no gaps

I have a small face so I have had problems finding a mask that doesn't gap, especially under the chin. This is a mask that fits and is still adjustable.

Terrific Masks

My husband and I love these masks. We love that they're organic so you're not breathing chemicals all day. They fit very well with no gaps anywhere. The bendable noseband works much better than other masks we have. Great product!!

Fits phenomenally on my face very comfortable.

comfortable, glasses don't fog

I've only worn it once so far. I had a hard time trying to get the filters in and straightened out.
So far, it's very comfortable.

Love these masks!

I purchased these for my twin 12 year olds when they were going back to school. They say that they can breathe in these masks better than any other ones we tried (even when playing sports). I feel confident in the protection with the masks. And bonus, my daughter wears glasses and these are the only masks that don’t fog up her glasses.

Great masks!

I own close to a dozen different masks and these are by far the best. They are the most comfortable and I love that there is a gap inside the mask between your face and the fabric that makes you feel less smothered.


A protective mask that is comfortable, adjustable, easy on and off, doesn't slide down under your nose and can be worn with hearing aids! Love the unicorn embroidered on the mask too.

Good fitting

I love the material and the stylish look. I love the feel of it and that you can add filters to upgrade its efficiency. What I really love is that it is snug fitting all around especially at the chin. I play table tennis and and also happy it doesn't fog up my glasses like some others but still feels breathable. I was also trying to decide about what size would be best. I opted for the medium even though I have a smaller face. It fits fine, but had I gone with the 'small', I imagine my grandkids might have had gotten a new mask as it probably would have been too small for me. A bit pricey but am very happy with the quality and fit! 👍

Feel secure

This mask is stylish, well made and well fitted. My glasses no longer fog up.

Very pleased

I’ve struggled to find a mask that fits, as I’m on the petite side and most adult masks swamp me. However, I’m a teacher, and after a number of our staff got Covid this school year (despite being vaccinated), I knew I needed to up my mask game. I’m just sad I didn't get these sooner. IT FITS. I really didn’t think it was possible to find a mask that does! It’s a secure fit but comfortable, and I can easily speak in it to my classes. I don’t love that I have to hand wash or that the filters are fiddly, but any annoyance there is outweighed by what a pleasure they are to wear. Plus I simply feel safer at school.

Unicorn heart mask

Very pleased with my purchase. This mask is well made and I appreciate the layers, etc. I am very picky about what masks I buy. They must meet certain standards as I am immune compromised. I was impressed with the washing and care instructions. I haven't worn it yet but I pretty sure I will be a repeat buyer.

Finally found one!!!

I have searched far and wide for a mask that I can tolerate. I have literally bought ten or more different high-end, supposedly non-toxic masks. All of them gave me breathing problems, many hours after removing. There are too many toxic chemicals in most filters. The filters made by Unicorn are truly unique. I have worn my mask 5-6 times now and had no problems. I had given up looking for a safe mask and then I stumbled across the Unicorn breathing mask. I bought the organic, white hemp mask. I just ordered three more. I think they are a bit pricey and high-maintenance, but will gladly accept these things to breathe again!!! Many thanks to Sky and all dedicated to helping people like me. By the way I am very petite (90#) but as recommended by Sky, the adult medium fits fine. Go ahead and buy one. My only regret is not having these masks back when the pandemic started.

By far the best company I have dealt with

A huge THANK YOU to the team at Unicorn Breathing Masks for going out of your way to make sure our new masks arrived in time for us to wear to our family wedding over the weekend. You guys are by far the best company I have dealt with in many years. I was afraid our masks wouldn’t get here in time you guys upgraded our order to priority shipping and our masks arrived in time for us to wash and wear them to the wedding. We love our new masks, they are comfortable as well as effective. Thank you for such a great product and great customer service.

(Attached is a picture of us in our masks at the wedding. We love how nice they look even in a formal setting.)

Sincere thanks!
Melissa and family