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Amazing fit!

Fits secure around my face with no caving in. I’ve been through many masks and Unicorn is the best. I can breathe with comfort and thrilled about protection. Magnifique

Back 2 School

Unicorn kids masks have been invaluable for concerned parents like myself and my husband. I have yet to come across better protection and such a well-fitted mask. It is comfortable for the kids to wear and super easy for them to breathe through. I can actually hear them talk and understand what they’re saying unlike the hundreds of other masks I’ve tried. This mask company is the one to beat. PS. Do you make a mask for dogs? I’ve heard they can catch covid and would be nice to have in congested areas. Bill, Teri & the kiddos, A happy family from TX

Thank you Unicorn and Kimberly Sky

As a nurse this mask meets all the requirements and gives me a little added fashion to bring happiness to my day. I love the flower of life motif and it is just subtle enough to be there with a silver sparkle sheen, but still very professional. The most comfortable mask I’ve ever put on by far and away. I feel very safe in this mask and the test results prove it. Thank you Kimberly.

Great mask

I read a lot of these reviews before I ordered and glad I did. They’re all spot on! I’m more than happy with the purchase. Thx.

Great for sports

I play for a college sports team and this is my go-to mask. It’s highly breathable and comfortable. The mesh fabric is moisture wicking. Thanks.

Best Mask

I have a 7 year old daughter who wears this mask daily, it’s very well constructed and I’m happy it has replaceable filters. I feel safe she’s wearing this I’ve looked everywhere for a high-quality kids mask that protects. Thank you.


Fits great on the face..Breathing is much easier.Love the way it sits away from the mouth so I don't sound muffled when I speak.Ordered another one because this is what I've been looking for.

Goddess mask!

It’s so hard to find a feminine, sexy mask that actually does the job of protecting you. I haven’t found one yet until I stumbled upon Unicorn. I wore this to a wedding, a night out at an outdoor gathering and for valentine’s day. It was ideal and I felt so beautiful in it. Thank you for caring! Please make it in a white color!


My 4 year old LOVES his new Unicorn Mask! The colors go with everything and he smiles every time he sees it. Any other mask I would try to get him to wear he would flat out reject, but for some reason, he loves this one. Great job on the fabric style, and especially providing the certified organic designation. Kids feel the difference. We are back to school and I feel at ease knowing he’ll be ok.

Perfect V-day mask

I took advantage of the Self-Love Month offer and received the most amazing crystal LOVE brooch in the mail that I wear all the time. It was soooo sweet and the perfect gift I could have given myself. Thank you Unicorn! I get compliments everywhere I go with this mask and am busy spreading the word for you. I love that it is women-owned.

Terrific mask!

This mask is fantastic! It looks great and I love the custom fit nose and the chin guard. Definitely better than any other mask I’ve seen’

Bought another mask for a friend

Loved this mask so much I bought one for a friend. I am hoping my friend buys one for someone. Pay it forward and spread the word, this is a great mask!!

Thumbs up!

We appreciate the light weight of the masks, and they are comfortable to wear. They seal well around the face, without leaving gaps. We are able to customize the size / tightness of the masks with the adjustable ear loops. We appreciate the nice finish and like the embroidered unicorn and heart that we chose for our masks. I would love to have an adult mask with the black and white fabric of the child's mask with stars. or something a bit more fun for off hours. Very satisfied!

I feel clean and safe!

The feeling of being able to walk around in hotels, restaurants, airports, grocery stores, movie theaters... and KNOW that I am protected is priceless. I have 5 Unicorn masks I rotate, my son and husband and mom have masks they love as well. It's easy to breathe in them, yet with the technology of the mask materials, I know I'm safe. Thank you for the time and great research you put into making such an impressive product! - Your fan for life

Great mask!!

I am so impressed by this mask and absolutely love it!! Easy to speak without inhaling the material. The adjustable straps and chin strap is such a great addition and nose guard so your glasses don’t fog up.

Perfect mask for wedding & Ideal for the classroom

I purchased several masks from this company and recently wore the Unicorn Lace to an outdoor wedding with rave reviews! Not only was I safe but I didn't even feel like I was wearing a mask the whole time, and the design was perfect. As a teacher this mask has been a true life saver. Not only do I feel protected coming into the outdoor classroom we have set up, but the kids masks are a hit amongst the students. Bonus - they actually wear them! We had our private school sponsor the masks so they would be available to those parents who wanted one. They are safe, pure and highly breathable. Thank you Unicorn. You deserve to be honored for all your hard work in creating this. 🙏

Healthy is Life

Bruce J
The mask fit, material and filtering capabilities are a critical aspect for protecting our health. The Unicorn Breathing Mask actually does do the job of health protection against COVID. This Mask does way more than just a covering on your face. A virus that has a size of 0.125 microns requires a mask with a smaller opening. The Unicorn Breathing Mask at 0.1 microns is the first mask to meet that criteria. The high-count organic cotton, the improved breathability with a space in front of my mouth, the comfort, style, and washability are great added features. It has three layers of protection (1: stylish outer layer), (2: nanofiber filters), and (3: organic cotton inside layer).
My wife wore her brown band mask to a family outside wedding and was repeatedly ask by other quests where she got her mask.
Beyond the critical part of really having protection with this mask, it LOOKS VERY VERY GOOD!!

Look no further!

This logo embroidery is awesome! What I love about Unicorn is that every mask has three layers of protection (1: stylish outer layer), (2: nanofiber filters), and (3: organic cotton inside layer). With the new variant COVID strain spreading rapidly there’s a lack of public mask awareness. Most people think that having “something” covering your face will protect you, which is not true. If you wear a mask why not have something that will actually help do the job? Health is wealth!

Stunning design!

I couldn't believe the quality of this embroidery. It stands out so much and I'm getting so many compliments. The mask construction is by far the best I've ever seen. I will definitely be making additional purchases. Thank you for your Superior customer service!

Comfortable Quality

Very comfortable, fits great, easy to breath. By far the best cloth mask I've used of the dozen or so I've tried since the pandemic started. A bit more expensive than some, but completely worth it.

High Quality

So comfortable. The mask is made of great high quality. Thank you. I absolutely love this mask and the quality really is superior!
I love the filters as well as the metal nose grip with rubber seal and nose protector. I have ordered a few of them because they looked like a great find! I wear my face mask all day almost 7 days a week. I can breath easy and sometimes I do not even realize that I have the mask on. 5 stars for sure.

The absolute BEST mask!!!

I love this mask. It’s easy to clean, does not pick up smells and smell funny after 2 days of wear like other masks, fits nicely due to nylon Lycra /spandex mix, comes with 3 extra sets of filters, so good for 90 days, I’ll be getting everyone in my family one for Christmas for sure!!!

I could easily wear this all day, but usually just use it for grocery store/errands and outdoor activities.

Unicorn mask

Excellent mask with added protection filters. I ordered the black for my husband and it fits very well.. above the rest. It is easy to breathe through for long periods. I like the metal nose grip with rubber seal and nose protector. The colors go with everything and I like the waffle design and linen. An excellent quality mask, easy to wear and breathe through! It will be my new “go to” mask. Thank you for such a nice product., considering we might be wearing them for a while!

Breathable and Comfortable!

This is my second Unicorn Breathing mask! I bought a second one so that I can have one ready to wear after washing the other one. The quality is superior and as someone with sensitive skin, I am grateful for the attention to quality of the fabric and the comfortable design. As a retired teacher, I also appreciate the comprehensive and easy to understand instructions that came with the mask as well as the excellent filters and attention to every detail. Thank you for such an exceptional product!!

Excellent quality!

From my husband Tom: The Honeycomb Sport mask is excellent! I am an active senior and wear it outdoors while hiking, riding my bike, and golfing as well as going to the grocery store. It is comfortable, easy to breathe, and as someone who wears glasses, I am thrilled that it doesn't fog up my glasses.