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Mask is the perfect size and am able to breathe easily through the mask and filter. Happy it blocks particles down to 0.1 microns

Really surprised at how much I love these masks...

I was skeptical at first, but I really love these masks. I'm immunocompromised and have a lot of health conditions (including with my lungs), as well as chemical sensitivities.. So I need a mask that really works to filter out small particles, and that's how I found these masks because they have been tested down to 0.1 microns, where most masks are only down to 0.3 microns. I love how the mask is made with the healthiest possible materials as well, especially because the lungs are so susceptible to toxins. The customer service is quick and responsive and they helped resolve an issue I had quickly.
The masks actually fit well and retain their shape, they seal well with the help of the nosepiece, and you're not breathing in the mask since it has structure. I'm Asian and don't have a bridge on my nose and the mask still sealed well--only thing is that I had to go up a size probably because of that. I've seen another mask brand say to size up in this style mask if you're Asian.. I went based off Unicorn's size chart and it was too small, so consider sizing up in this situation or really thinking through your sizing (especially given how expensive these masks are, and you only get a slight discount if you have to buy another size). Filters are light and easy to breathe through (the easiest to breathe through that I've found that actually has good protection). The chin fabric helps also to seal off any gaps at the bottom of the mask, and I actually wear it on my chin vs. under it, which means my mask doesn't shift when I talk and it's very comfortable. Overall, these masks are awesome, I love the company and what they stand for, and I don't plan on buying any other mask brands as long as Unicorn is in business.

Great mask that checks all the boxes and more

This is a great quality mask that goes the extra step. Capturing microbes at .01 rather that .03 is a major benefit. Plus it is washable, reusable, has replaceable filters and is overall great for the environment. I am currently on my second set., and I am much happier with a high quality reusable mask rather than a collection of single use masks.

Most comfortable and breathable reusable for my sensory child

These are the most comfortable and most breathable reusable masks I have found. My sensory child does not wear the paper ones, as they are not soft enough; but these Unicorn masks do the trick! And their protective level is incredible!

Second time buying these. They fit perfectly. Have had both kids use them while recently flying and it was on the entire time.


Have also found these useful while cycling. Provide warmth against winter winds as well as protection against dust while farmers are harvedting.

Fantastic mask

Love the fit-better than any other mask I have tried. Very comfortable. Love the many layers of fabric and filters. Breathing is excellent compared to N95s. Will always wear and keep a supply on hand.

Feels protective

This mask is best fit I have found…and I have tried quite a few!

Only negative is the filters are a little fiddly to get in.

Great fit!

Just like the first Unicorn mask I purchased, this one fits like a glove. No fogged glasses and difficulty breathing. I almost forget I'm wearing it.

XL Sport

Great product. Works well, comfortable, efficient and durable


The masks are comfy to wear, and I love the unicorn design. Getting the filters into the mask is somewhat of a challenge.

This mask is very comfortable

This mask is very comfortable & I feel safe and protected by it.

fabulous masks

These are the best masks we' ve used in the last two years. Perfect fit, easy to replace filters and fit perfectly into a pocket or purse.

Great as always

Excellent overall design and comfort. Have worn these on planes and other crowded places. So far, so good! (I’m also backed and boosted; you need it all) Now have 15 for a family of 3, seems like the right amount

Only Unicorn Breathing Masks for Me!

I have been using only Unicorn Breathing masks throughout the pandemic. I have many of the styles and this is my 7th mask. It is very comfortable. The bottom line is, I am 75 years old and I have not been sick at all in the past 1 1/2 years. I attribute this to precautions I have taken which include using my Unicorn Breathing masks.

So good ordered a second one

Loved the first one so much that I ordered a second one for my wife! The fit is very good for a reusable mask, the nose clip is starting to show some wear in it of not as stiff but still functional, the chin cover is also showing some wear but is still functional. I feel comfortable wearing it and washing it and changing the filters is simple.

Despite the two cloth layers + filter it is no more difficult to breathe through than a surgical mask - which I wear all day at work. The under the chin portion makes the mask more secure than others. Overall I feel extremely safe wearing this mask.


Finally, a mask that fits my face and provides both comfort and protection. I love being able to order different sizes for various family members. They're easy to put on, comfortable, don't fog my glasses and dry overnight when I wash them. Perfect!

Great fit and comfort

It has been difficult to find a mask that fits well, breathable while offering good protection, and is comfortable. These masks are fabulous. Although a little pricey, you are getting great quality.


These masks are wonderful. I have converted three families to only use these masks. They are easy to clean, and once you get used to putting the filters in it takes no time at all. We use them in all types of weather and the fit is great. My children have no issues with their ears and no gaps

Form & Function

This is the only mask I’ll wear! It’s beautiful, so comfortable and works great! My family and I went to Universal Studios and didn’t get Covid. The masks were breathable even in 80 degree heat. I highly recommend them!


Comfortable but a little pricey. Met my expectations. Would recommend.

We love them

My kids love these masks- they are easy to breathe through. Most importantly, they fit extremely well and do not bother your ears during a long day. I love the ASTM certification. The only thing I wish was different is the ability to replace the bar across the nose when it eventually wears out and breaks.

Fits well

This mask fits me quite well! It took a bit of time to adjust the nose wire so it wouldn't fog up my glasses, but that's to be expected. Like that the stiffness of the mask keeps it from touching my mouth.