Test Results

Unicorn Masks feature groundbreaking SONIC ELECTROSPUN NANOTECHNOLOGY filter innovation. Each wafer-thin replaceable Unicorn mask filter contains a minimum of 15 miles of proprietary sonic electrospun nanofiber matrix thousands of times thinner than a human hair, capturing particles as small as PM0.1 at 99% efficiency. Standard mask filters only protect down to PM2.5. We are compliant with the new barrier face covering ASTM F3502 mask standard, which takes into consideration the entire mask including filtration efficiency, breathability, fitting (reduced gaps and leakage), reusability & washable, fabric & filter material used (safe, inert and non-toxic), product labeling, and package guidelines, along with many other specifics. Please read additional information below regarding our compliancy to this new standard.

As an ASTM Member, Unicorn Breathing Mask is committed to full transparency so you can be an informed buyer, and will always display any/all USA accredited test results and full ASTM International compliance on our website - you don't have to ask! If you don't see evidence of full compliance on a mask company's website for the new standard, buyer beware! 

Below you will find two sets of reports. One is our latest Intertek Labs USA certified test results for the new ASTM F3502 Standard for Barrier Face Coverings. In compliance with the new standard, our mask demonstrates high performance breathability, particle efficiency, non-toxic high quality materials used, contour 3-ply construction with extra wide chin wrap reducing gaps/leakage, detailed fit measurements for all angles of each mask size, and labeling requirements. The other is for our Nelson Labs USA certified filtration test results demonstrating 99% efficiency down to the virulent particle size of 0.1 microns, utilizing the Latex Particle Challenge Tests: PP30-NF-PE20 PP30-NF-PE20-C and PP30-NF-PE20-C-Weld. 

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ASTM F3502 Tests

ASTM F3502 Mask Test Report

ASTM F3502 Flammability Test Report 

ASTM F3502 Mask Design Analysis

ASTM F2299 Filter Tests

ASTM F2299 Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE)

ASTM F2299 Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE)

ASTM F2299 Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE)

*This mask is not a respirator and therefore not intended for use in medical procedures.

Please be very careful about purchasing from companies who claim to have 'ASTM Certified Masks.' ASTM DOES NOT certify masks. The ASTM standard allows manufacturers to determine compliance with its requirements only. ASTM currently has no measures in place to police companies who make false certification claims. If you see a company in violation, you can report at, attn: Head of Rights and Permissions. We don't recommend buying masks for you or your employees that are making false 'ASTM certification' claims, or that fail to provide full test results to the latest standard on their website (you shouldn't have to ask, and any delays when you do is a red flag).  

Any questions re: compliance to the new standard can be directed to:, attn: ASTM F3502. A member of our executive team will respond within 24hrs.