Filtering Toxic PM2.5 Wildfire Particulates at 99.8% Efficiency


Over 8.7 MILLION acres and counting have burned in Canada. The UNICORN Mask filters out dangerous PM 2.5 wildfire particulates with 98.8% efficiency. By comparison, KN95 and N95 masks filter these particles with 95% efficiency. Swap out filters *daily* if you have to be out in wildfire smoke for any length of time. Please be sure that your kids are also masked if they are going outdoors, as their delicate lungs can be easily harmed with this level of toxic particulate matter. 

Micron sizing chart
As we head into Summer it is VERY important to remember to do regular filter changes for ease of breathability and prevention of bacterial infections. You will notice that masks become more laborious to breathe through in the spring/summer months due to the increase of pollen/pollution particulates. Due to the larger size of these particles (PM2.5), the filters can clog up easier in summer months making the mask less efficient at capturing ultrafine virus-size particles (PM0.1). Bacteria from normal talking, eating/drinking while masking during hot humid months increases bacteria load in the inner mask lining as well, so it is important to keep up on frequent mask washings.
Micron sizing chart
We always see a Summer Covid surge every year, so remember to be diligent at indoor events and large summer crowds, especially concerts where people are yelling in close proximity. Long Covid is not fun and we are still hearing of cases from those of our customers who have unmasked and wished they hadn't.

As always, we exist to help keep you and your family healthy. At the end of the day, Unicorns trust their innate intuitions and never follow the herd. We're too smart for that! We let common sense be our guide. :)