Sustainable Disposable Masks

Natural non-toxic wool filter technology

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Features Include

  • Meets ASTM F3502-21 Level 2/Level 2 High-Performance Standard. Incredibly high breathability + high protection.

  • Utilizing proprietary filter technology with low carbon footprint manufactured exclusively in New Zealand weighing 500-1,000 gsm, the sustainable New Zealand Wool fibers provide a powerful ASTM F3502 Level 2 submicron particle capture at ultra-low ASTM F3502 Level 2 breathing resistance. This advanced technology is the result of 10 years of intensive scientific research married with 150+ years of wool production expertise. 

  • Uses non-toxic sustainable wool-based HELIX™ Filter Technology (combo of NZ wool and polypropylene) for highest breathability.

  • Softer, more comfortable fit with superior moisture transfer as compared to other disposables due to its unique natural wool fiber filter technology. 

  • Malleable non-rust aluminum nosepiece provides an effective seal over the nose bridge preventing glasses from fogging.

  • Soft elastic ear loops for quick on/off and easy fit.

  •  Flexible and conforming unlike other more rigid disposables, allowing it to maintain particle efficiency upon wearing, and easily conform to most face shapes for long-term comfortable wear.

  • Head strap option available upon request for those with hearing aids, for a more comfortable long-term fit, especially helpful for long air flights!

  • 2 Size Options:

    • Medium/Large fits most adults.
    • Small/Medium fits kids over 8, teenagers, and petite adults.

  • Made sustainably with low carbon footprint in New Zealand.

  •  Ships from Solana Beach, CA. Expedited shipping available. 

"We are using them in return to work kits. I love them. I like the piece that goes over your chin. They are very comfortable for all day use also."

Faith Proctor 

Director, Administration & Infrastructure

American Federation of Teachers

Filter Protection

How does the UNICORN disposable mask compare to others on the market? Protection is a combination of three key factors: filtration efficiency (the ability of the mask to capture particles), fit (the ability of the mask to seal against your face), and breathability (how easy it is to breathe through). It is important that the mask acts as a good filter, but if the mask does not seal snugly against the face, the inhaled air will just bypass the mask and leak through the sides of the face, compromising the protection of the mask. Our sustainable disposable masks are designed to keep a tighter seal around the face than others on the market. View lab results here.

Comfortable and Gives Confidence

I received my order of masks and I am extremely happy with the quality. The packaging was very well done and the fit of the mask is perfect. No air leakage at all upon breathing and the nose adjuster is also a very nice material. It's a softer material that can be shaped perfectly to the bridge of your nose. The 0.1 micron rating with the changeable filters and perfect fit makes me feel much more comfortable when I go out in these troubled times. The provided documentation (for cleaning/etc.) is very well done and appreciated. Thank you so much for your detailed efforts and keep up the great work.

Sean S.

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