About Us

Our Mask

We are excited to launch our durable, stylish, comfortable, highly breathable, washable, reusable and sustainable range of masks for the safety of you and your family. Our innovative sonic electrospun Unicorn nanofiber filters capture 99% of virus particulates at 0.1 microns (Coronavirus is approx 0.125 microns). Sustainably hand-sewn in Ubud, Bali (the yoga capital of the world), our 100% Certified Organic Cotton breathing masks feature a highly evolved standard of functionality, with trend-setting unisex fashion designed in Milan, Italy. None of our materials or fabrics come from Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, or South Korea. 

Our advanced SETA® replaceable filter comes from a world leading New Zealand nanotechnology company specializing in proprietary sonic electrospun filtration solutions providing the most breathable, highest protection possible. Nanofibers are incredibly small (thousands of times thinner than a human hair) and when electrospun, form teeny tiny spiderweb-like structures with a tremendous advantage over conventional filters, due to their massive surface areas, large pore numbers and minute pore sizes. Each mask filter is estimated to contain in excess of 15 miles of nanofiber in an area less than 1mm thick! We do not add any antibacterial harmful heavy metals such as silver, copper or zinc, to our pure nanofiber material. As a result, UNICORN electrospun nanofiber filters capture much smaller particles over synthetic or other natural materials with a lower 'pressure drop,' resulting in a much more breathable experience for functional extended wear without fogging up eyewear or causing claustrophobia! Our replaceable filters are healthy and safe for kids, seniors, and those with pulmonary/respiratory conditions or chemical sensitivities. For more information, email Team Unicorn at

Our Story

Creating this high performance protection mask hasn't been easy. It has been a lot of sacrifices, sweat, 14hr days, all-nighters, and even tears, and I couldn't possibly be more proud of all of the beautifully 'awake' souls who signed up to bring this to you now. A mask may appear simple in its presentation. A few pieces of fabric (if you're lucky), a couple ear loops, a bendable piece of metal, et voilà! But a truly protective, breathable, approachable, conscious, sustainable, healthy extension of who YOU are, now a necessity to wear covering up half of your main means of expression and connection, is another feat altogether. Yet for the safety of all, it must be done! And 2 years ago I set out to solve all of the problems and challenges with masks, forced to become an expert on mask safety out of absolute necessity, like many of us have had to do, breathing life into this beauty and presenting it to you today with absolute humility and love. I couldn't possibly be prouder of Team Unicorn for all of the sacrifices and sleepless nights to bring this groundbreaking mask innovation to the world. 

To me, a mask provides an opportunity. To stop, slow down, practice presence, use the eyes - the windows of the soul - to truly See. See you. See me. See our world, and what we need to do to fix the problems we have created. It is a Blessing and one that should be Honored. The energy that goes into making this blessing is just as important as the blessing itself. Is it a machine stamping them out in China or South Korea? Is it fabric or plastic that has been doused in toxic chemicals, carcinogens, antibacterials and pesticides? Did it hurt our planet even more in the making of it? Or did it provide jobs to those in need? Was it grown organically from healthy sunshine and soil? Is it sustainable/reusable and actually helping our planet? 

These are the deep questions I asked myself as I was presented with the myriad of options available to me. There would have been less headaches going the cheap, easy way of China's machines and chemicals. I could justify it by saying I needed them here faster with very little resources to invest. But my heart knew I was a Unicorn. I am devoted to being a part of the Solution. I simply could not allow my creation to be part of the problem. And so I overcame objection after obstacle and refused to give up. An invitation we are all receiving right now around the globe. No one is exempt from this truth. Thank you Fellow Unicorns. For believing in your Strength, Beauty, Magic, Wisdom, Integrity and Truth. Thank you for Not Giving Up. Thank you for Rising Up and Not Settling. Thank you for Standing for the Light. And most of all, thank you for Embodying the Change. When you wear your carefully chosen mask, a reflection and invitation for others to ‘See you’ in a deeper way, choose to be grateful for the lessons masks are here to teach us.

For when we rise, we will bring everyone with us.

With My Deepest Appreciation,
Kimberly Sky (aka Sky) Founder