To Our Beloved Unicorn Family,

It is with heavy hearts and grateful tears that we send this email to you today. As many of you know, 4 years ago I set out to achieve the seemingly impossible and go up against the big boys that were producing cheap carcinogen-ridden made in China disposable/reusable masks that came with scary warnings, to create a groundbreaking healthy, safe, highly protective and non-toxic alternative. Leading a 100% organic lifestyle I was committed no matter what it took. It was exhausting, expensive and we pulled more all-nighters the past few years than all our late nights in college combined. And yet, we did it. And we were honored for our efforts. 

We were endorsed by notable bioscientists, ASTM International, CDC, and the American Federation of Teachers. We sold to the government, NASA, ICU wards, and essential workers up and down our country in every pocket in the US. We also managed to sell in 10 countries outside of the US, and in 2021 received the coveted Global Green Business Award for Best High Performance Reusable Mask Retailer and the 2023 Innovation Award.

I say this to celebrate the incredible hard work and dedication that our global team in 3 different countries (USA, New Zealand and Bali, Indonesia) pulled off to bring this creation to you that has helped keep you and your family Covid-free. We are grateful. And it is folks like you and all of your 500+ 5-star reviews that helped keep Team Unicorn going through the long days and nights. After hitting the 200k masks sold mark we are regrettably having to shut down our online retail store due to the sharp decline in mask sales and our inability to keep our online team afloat. 


Masks and filters will still be available for purchase as of March 1st, offered in BULK PACKAGES only. You will not be able to mix match styles/sizes, or purchase single masks or 6-packs after Feb 29th. Please make your final purchases now!

The entire Team Unicorn family wants to extend our deepest appreciation for all of the tremendous love and support you have provided over the years. We simply couldn't have done it without you. You have been a part of saving lives by wearing and sharing this sustainable, high-performance healthy & breathable mask, and we hope we have given you new hope for women-owned conscious businesses committed to helping the environment and not sacrificing quality for profit. Although this hasn't been a profit maker, it has been the most gratifying labour of love we could have ever imagined. I personally have proven my life's motto that All Things Are Possible. I hope it inspires you to carry the baton forward.

We are transitioning to our new endeavour providing unique, one-of-a-kind accessories and apparel with a sustainable approach that we will be making an announcement about in the coming months. You can expect the same commitment to quality as you have grown accustomed to with our masks. It takes a village, but most of all it takes people like you who care. Thank you, thank you, thank YOU from the bottom of my heart.

With All Our Love and Unicorn Sparkles,

- Sky XO (& Team Unicorn)
 Founder, Unicorn Breathing Mask